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Are You Scared To Death At The Thought Of Creating Your First E-mail Series To
Warm Up Your New Found Subscribers?

Or, Have No Idea Where To Start?

There Is A Solution & It Can Be
Point & Click Easy! Read On....

Everybody needs a list. But have you like so many been there sitting at the keyboard trying to figure out how to create an email series to start the relationship process. Yes, you need to create a relationship and offer something of value to get subscribers.

Creating content, however, can be a daunting task when you are first starting out. It takes a lot of time and effort to construct an email series of value to the subscriber and if you don't give value it can be tough to keep your subscribers. So we created a solution for you.

"Mike Paetzold wrote these email series a while back and now under exclusive rights. Stephane Tourigny is able to offer them for sale to you."

We have started with three series of 5 emails that can be used separately or as a consecutive series.

All you will need to do is add in a few ads or in the case of the traffic exchange series we would recommend creating a page with your referral links on it for the exchanges you like. But the bulk of the work is done for you.

Yes, you You can change them in any way to personalize them to you and what you wish to promote.Yes, you You can change them in any way to personalize them to you and what you wish to promote.

The three series are:

Starting an affiliate business * A series on what it takes to get started in affiliate marketing. Covers everything from defining what an affiliate is, what equipment you need for your office, how best to market as an affiliate and more.
This series can be used to promote
  • Your favorite web host
  • Your favorite autoresponder or newsletter service
Traffic exchange basics * A series on the basics of using a traffic exchange. Everything from the initial sign up, saving your emails, setting up your and maintaining your sites and credits, how to place banners in rotation and everything in between.
This series can be used to promote
  • A listing of your favorite traffic exchnges
  • Use that listing to create your own mini downline builder
Traffic exchange advanced * This series covers some do's and don'ts, creating a splash page, branding yourself, tracking your results, using coops, and how much to surf and why.
This series can be used to promote
  • Your favorite tracking service
  • Products for creating or enhancing splash pages like SplashPageMaker.com
  • Your favorite traffic exchange coop, for example - TEBlaster.com
  • Your favorite traffic exchanges
These series will be delivered in a text file and if you use Email Aces you will be able to import them right into your responder. Now we wanted to keep this to an affordable price. You may invest in one, two or all three series.

Each series (5 emails) cost just $12
or you can have all three series (15 emails) for just $27

To Your Success,

Stephane Tourigny

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